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15% growth in digital sales revenue

Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing

Support a real estate company to increase their lead generation

The business of an agency is complex on many levels as marketing knowledge is essential for optimizing the marketing mix, but nowadays the increasing amount of data also requires technology knowledge which is often not available at the same time.

  • Business sector: Agency
  • Project goal: data integration, efficiency
  • Duration: 3 months


The client wanted to improve its technical integrations to better realize cross-selling potentials. The collected data was fragmented in different systems and joining could only be achieved with significant effort which caused troubles in strategic planning.


An analysis of the website’s Google Analytics data showed that users seemed to be confused by the website’s structure. A dashboard for the analysis of the on-site user behaviour was implemented which showed user’s inability to gather basic information. The website architecture was restructured based on the obtained insights with a more prominent placement of the button for getting in contact with the firm alongside a content map for new visitors.


A homogenous data collection process was designed which ensures a coherent data collection process and therefore enables detailed analysis alongside a comprehensive overview which leads to the location of potentials. By providing an overview for available vs. inventory actually sold, the capacity could be distributed within a certain time range which led to around 15% growth in digital sales revenue by performing more efficient, data-based planning.

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