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46% acceleration of reporting processes

Data Management & ETL

Reporting automation for an Agency

The amount of data agencies are able to collect is continuously growing despite ever more restricting regulations. Differences in naming conventions from agencies clients as well as different reporting requirements are difficult to align on a common denominator. Consequently, structuring and analysing data throughout an agency has become a non-trivial problem. To avoid data-silos, an ETL integration can be useful for ensuring an efficient and well-structured data management process.

Business sector: Agency

Project goal: ETL-Integration

Duration: 6 months


As one of the biggest agencies in Austria, the customer had the problem of heterogenous data from numerous clients and channels. Overall reporting required significant ammount of FTEs for gathering and analysing data. The company decided to acquire an ETL-solution to gather data at one place and being able to generate basic reports automatically and more complex reports within a short period of time. The complexity of the data posed a challange for the integration.


The acquired ETL-solution had several limitations which required the input data to be restructured to fit the requirements for the reporting output. Based on the input data we conducted a gap analysis between the capabilities of the system and the target result. We analysed the data sources and the data model of the solution and designed an alternative model to integrate the data sources by leveraging lessen known features of the solution, stepping aside from the standard integration model. 


With the redefined structure and the workarounds, the data connectors were all fully integrated. The reporting systems were tailored to the requirement. Together with the client we created visualisations for different business units and their customers and automating reports which before had to be created by the departments manually before. Resulting in a decrease in reporting time of about 48% reported by the client. 

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