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27% decrease in customer response time

Process Analysis & Data Management

Optimising data collection and data management process for an energy supplier

When businesses grow fast within a short span of time, they often need to adjust their internal processes. If they are not designed in a scalable way, companies formerly known for their efficiency tend to become slow and inefficient. Therefore process design is more relevant today than ever before.

Business sector: energy

Project goal: process efficiency

Duration: 5 months


The client was faced with the problem of guaranteeing maintenance within a certain amount of time. Customers were complaining that the time period between a submitted request at the service centre and the someone actually solving the issue was too long. Therefore the client addressed problems within the service centre as that was the point at which they located bottleneck.


We started by interviewing the employees of the service centre to receive a deeper understanding of the processes and software systems. Based on the feedback provided we mapped the processes as well as the data collection and analysed overlaps with other departments. A automation requirement document was created with all relevant necessary data sources and systems was created along with a pseudo business-case to test the effectivity. Based on these learning and on the analysis the data systems were joined and subprocesses were automated so the service center could have a one-stop-shop for the data collection.


The process restructuring resulted in the customer response time being reduced by 27%. The buffertime for workers increased by 17% and therefore the company’s processes became more resilient to sudden peaks in demand for support.

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