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600% increase in digital leads

Behavioral Data Analysis

Increased digital lead generation through behavioral analysis for real estate company

Companies digitising their product offering face the problem early on converting leads entering the website effectively. Why people have low engagement levels and consequently low conversion rates are hard to trace back as usually multiple issues cause clients dropping out along the way. To gain insights into the behavior of their customers we proposed our client to directly analyse their behavior through session recordings and quantitative behavioral data analysis. 

Business sector: Real estate

Project goal: CR Optimisation

Duration: 3 months


Our client was kicking off their digital transformation through improving their web performance and offering direct contact options for clients on their website. Though the  website was visually appealing, they face the problem not being able to convert their traffic into leads. People visited the website with significant bounce rates and conversion rates close to 0%. Our approach was to start by analysing the user behavior onsite and offsite.


An analysis of the website’s analytics data suggested that users were confused by its structure. Through behavioral flow analysis, session recordings as well as detailed analysis on soft website KPIs we helped the client to improve the information architecture of the site along with optimizations of certain website elements.


Through simple changes on the site the client saw a significant increase in conversions. The number of contacts increased by approximately 600% while no cannibalisation from offline conversions were reported by the client. The changes resulted in an efficient and lasting solution for the company’s effort not only to shift conversions from offline to online but also in harnessing digital as a potential sales channel.


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