Marketing, Data & Technology Consulting

We build end-to-end solutions tailored to our client’s needs and budgets.  Unlike other consultancies, we won’t design the ‘Rolls Royce’ solution when you need something more akin to a Fiat500. 

Our philosophy is to help our clients get the best out of their data and technologies in the most cost and design efficient way.

Trusted by leading brands.


Data, Technolgy, Design

Our successes are grounded in our approach – we believe in demystifying data and technology and are plain speakers.  Conversations with our clients are open and honest – in both directions – which means we can work together to define and implement the right technology for the task in hand and provide scalable, easily maintainable and, most of all, reliable solutions.

Our developers’ ethos is ‘transformation by design’ and their focus is technical excellence – delivering user-friendly, beautifully designed solutions (technically and aesthetically) by actually talking to, and understanding the needs of, the end-user(s) as well as the business as a whole.


We much prefer to have a discussion about your goals and challenges, rather than defining every inch of our work on our website (which nobody reads anyway – unless you are reading this which makes us happy!). We have worked with companies of every size and can proudly state that we have saved companies from bankruptcy, helped uncover frauds and saved millions of euros just through the power of data and technology.


Including: Project Management, Cloud, AI and marketing technologies, foundational design and implementation, Software Integration and Procurement.

Data Intelligence Consulting

Including: Data Engineering & Governance, Measurement, Data Science & Analytics, Research & Insight.

Web Application

Including: Website, Platform and Web Application Development, E-commerce deployment and tracking, UX and UI.