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Cloud. Data. Insights.

Transformation through Technology and data driven governance.

How we help clients

We help our clients to transform their business, optimise their revenues and costs, better understand their customers and to gain deeper insight into their efficiency through tailored business intelligence solutions and Artificial Intelligence. Our consultancy is specialized in digital transformation, platform development, data management and ROI optimisation.

Data Analytics

Data driven cost- and performance analysis, and customer insights

  • Marketing Mix Modeling, Econometrics
  • Price and Cost Optimisation
  • Customer Insights Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Optimisation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Solution

Individual cloud and data solutions through aws, Azure, GCP and others.

  • Cloud Architecture, Migration and Development
  • Dashboard Solutions
  • Maschine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Data Warehousing & ETL
  • Data Infrastructure and Software Development

Data Management

Consulting and analysis in every step of the data process, from strategy to implementation.

  • Data Management Architecture
  • Data Governance  & Policy
  • Business Process Re-engeniering
  • Requirement Engeniering

Selected Cases

Doubling the conversion rate
Doubling the conversion rate Channel Analysis & Mix Modelling Process automation for a company Determining which channels led to conversions is an essential marketing question. Attribution models present different approaches
Data Integration
15% growth in digital sales revenue Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing Support a real estate company to increase their lead generation The business of an agency is complex on
80% increase in ROI
80% increase in ROI Through cost optimization and budget reallocation ROI optimisation for a MedTech company There are a multitude of reasons which can force companies to suddenly and drastically

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