We are consultants.

Our goal is to empower our clients by offering our experience and know-how in data and technolgy. We want to demystify these fields and offer solutions where most companies fail to deliver.

We are developers.

We pride ourselves with our development and design team, who until this point never failed to deliver solutions even for the most complex of requests. Their passion to find ways where other give up is insipiring for everyone in our company. This dedication is the driver of our success.

We are the experts behind the experts.

Never heard of us? We might have worked for you anyway. As a technical consultant and solution provider for dozens of agencies across Europe we worked with a plethora of clients who never even heard of us.

As a consultancy with no interest in media budgets we are of the few companies to whom agencies turn to. AdSales companies, media companies, media agencies, statistical bureaus, digital agencies, pr agencies, etc. have been and are turning to us for advice in for data solutions, strategy and technolgy know-how.

Meet our Consultant Team

We build bridges between marketing and technology. We understand both worlds and support our customers in every technical step from data collection to analysis.

Norbert Mach

Consulting: Data Analytics, Development, AI

Nick Sami

Consulting: Data Strategy, Analytics, Research

Laszlo Szanto

Consulting: DevOps
Cloud & Web Development Lead