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About us



Corestad was founded in 2020 in Vienna, Austria, aiming to offer highly specialised consulting for data management solutions and data analytics. In 2021 we expanded our offering with web development, as we saw that our clients required more support in the technical aspects of data systems. In the last year, we have opened offices in Hungary and the United Kingdom.

Our offering now consists of web development, management consulting – specialising in digital transformation and data strategy, and revenue optimisation through data analytics.

Our Vision & Mission

The principal behind Corestad was to offer clients transparent, professional services in technology and analytics. We wish to share our knowledge, empower our clients, and educate the market and industry.

Our goal is to demystify technology, optimise the businesses of our clients, connect people, and improve every clients’ life through technological advancements anchored in logical, smart design.


We are a team of professionals from various backgrounds. We speak 7 different languages and come from 5 different countries and live in 4 different countries across Europe. We love what we do and, at the end of the day, this is what makes us the best.